Originally posted 2018-08-27 22:06:23.

Ruined and Rewarded

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    This extremely hot clip is going to push you to the limit. It’s going to leave your throbbing cock dripping in frustration as your blue balls ache with the need for release. How badly do you want to come for me? I’m going to make you want that orgasm exponentially more than you do already. And then I’m going to ruin you at the very last moment. Will it end there? Not a chance. This is just the beginning. This is just the first countdown. You’re not even close to the finish line. With each orgasm you ruin, you’ll also enjoy a nice reward: one piece of clothing stripped off my beautiful body. With each painful countdown, each moment of denied orgasmic bliss, you’ll earn the right to enjoy even more of my bare flesh. I won’t be satisfied until your balls are purple and I’m completely naked.

    Originally posted 2018-08-27 22:06:23.

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