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The Queens Corruptor – World of Warcraft

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    • Author: movealongmate (Patreon)
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      In the days before the Legion’s invasion, something strange was occurring in the deepest part of Ashenvale forest.An unknown power was withering the vegetation and slaughtering the wildlife, corrupting the terrain at its passage.Rangers and druids were helpless in detecting and repelling the menace lurking inside forest. They had no other choice than beg the help of Alextrasza,the Dragon Queen.She was the only one capable of stopping the corruption, healing the scarred land and restoring balance in the wilderness.Alexstrasza did not hesitate and immediately flight to Ashenvale. She began repelling the corruption, but for each part of the forest healed another one became corrupted. The more time she was spending on healing the forest the more it was clear: she had to stop the corruptor before the damage was too great!She started following the corruption, deeper and deeper to the forest, carelessly moving fast between the decaying trees, in the desperate attempt to quickly spot the responsible of that atrocity.She was so focused on its pursuit that she didn’t even notice that she was walking into a trap.She reached a dead end: a little clearing with an old moonwell. There was no sign of corruption but something in the air was wrong: an unnatural silence. a chilling sensation that was making her uncomfortable.Suddenly a green, luminous beam stroke her from the foliage of a tree nearby, breaking the silence with a sound made as if air itself was being tron.Alextrasza felt on her knees as a huge, winged figure lept with unnatural speed, landing close in front of her, slamming a massive staff on the ground with a threatening gesture:“Well, well, well!”The figure spoke with an evil, corrupted female voice. Alextrasza feebly raised her glance to see an imposing femine figure, a Female Dreadlord twice taller than her was now staring at her with a malevolent, mocking expression:“Alexstrasza, the Queen of Life, finally here at my feet! It took me quite some time to lure you here, out of your sanctum and without anyone interfering. But now… my patience has been rewarded!”Alexstrasza tried to react, raising against her attacker but the female dreadlord was ready. She hit the dragon aspect with another beam, making her fall on her knees and with her hands on the ground.“My masters have plans for this world and they sent ME to make sure that you don’t interfere!”The Dreadlord knelt, gently rising Alextrasza’s head by lifting it form her chin, a lustful smile portrayed on the aggresors face:“Now you are in my power, Dragon Queen, and i will enjoy evey second of what i have in store for you…”

    Originally posted 2018-08-15 08:05:01.

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